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Grocorp - Furniture for Early Education and Schools

As Australia’s finest educational furniture company, Grocorp offers an impressive catalogue of comfortable furniture for any learning environment. We believe in giving the very best learning experience to kids of all ages, which is why we use only the finest materials and designs throughout our wide selection.

For those seeking excellent primary school furniture suppliers, Grocorp ensures that each item in our catalogue is practical and safe while promoting good posture. Designed for the youngest members of the next generation, Grocorp’s range of tables, chairs, sofas and other classroom furnishings will leave kids happy and well cared for.

We also supply cushions and soft seating, arts & crafts equipment, furnishings to facilitate role-plays, shelves, cubby-holes, white boards, and many other types of furniture and accessories, including sleeping mats and bedding for midday naps. If it belongs in the classroom or the play area, look for it at Grocorp.

Our school furniture company also specialises in high school classroom furniture, meeting the needs of older students in a variety of school settings. From folding tables to computer desks to group discussion areas, we supply schools with everything they need to set the stage for learning and success.

We also provide specially-designed chairs ideal for teachers and administrators, as well as our popular package deals for furniture items in combination. Search our Special Offers page for current deals and discounts, and make an extra note to visit our section on Room Planning and Design.

Help encourage learning by creating the right environment

Children spend many years of their lives in and around classrooms, and they deserve the very best we can offer them. Choosing high-quality early education, primary and high school classroom furniture can help them pay attention more easily, which improves the experience of the students as well as the teachers. By using furniture designed to accommodate the healthy education of kids both large and small, schools can give the best possible start to students before they make their way into the world.

By positioning ourselves as educational furniture wholesalers, we at Grocorp are making our entire range accessible and affordable nationwide, so that children across Australia can benefit from the comforts and healthy learning spaces that our furniture helps create.

We are involved all the way from the design stage to the classroom itself, helping schools create optimum learning environments. Our commitment also extends into the future, as our green environmental policies help keep today’s students safe and give tomorrow’s students a great start in a cleaner world.

If your facility needs to find new furniture supplier, understand that the choice you make will shape the daily experiences of your students. They deserve quality and expert design, with each item shaped to precisely fit the needs of the student while blending in beautifully with the classroom as a whole.

For help with your furniture needs, contact us at Grocorp. We’ll take you through the whole process, helping you organise your space in an ideal way for teachers as well as students.

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