What a great recipe to make on a Birrabang Outdoor Kitchen!  

The Birrabang Outdoor kitchen is a pretend play cooking area, complete with everything a child needs to conjure up culinary creations from nature's dirtiest ingredients. Yes, it's actually healthy for children to get muddy! And the rich, engaging sensory play children partake in while playing with mud allows them to express their creativity while enhancing their fine motor skills.

What you will need :

  • A nice big bowl of Mud ( if you don't have any mix dirt and water)
  • Some rocks
  • Leaves
  • Petals Red and Yellow if possible
  • Berries
  • Wooden spoons 
  • Some Plastic Plates
  • Some paper cups
  • Assorted Bowls
  • A Pinch of sand (optional)
Mud Kitchen