It is beneficial for children to develop a love of nature. Pine cone bird feeders are easy to make, inexpensive and perfect for young children. They are also a perfect way for children to learn about  birds - what they eat and to take a closer look at birds when they come to feed in your backyard! What an great opportunity to watch nature at work.

Bird feeders only take about 15minutes to make and are a perfect activity for little hands

What you will need :

  1. Pour the birdseed into the Single Depth tray and spread it evenly
  2. Tie a piece of string around the pine cone leaving the end free to tie in the tree

  3. Smooth peanut butter all over the pine cone with a spoon

  4. Roll in seeds -now it is ready to hang out for the birds.

The Benefits of Pine Cone Bird feeders are:

Making the bird feeders is a good fine motor skills activity, a precursor to writing. The spreading of the peanut butter, the rolling evenly in the seeds, all are good fine motor movements, as is tying a string to a pinecone as well as to a tree.

Getting close to nature is the most important aspect of this learning activity, so take your time discussing birds and nature with the children. They will learn about birds (what they eat, when they eat, where they live, if and when they migrate) and can be a great precursor to learning about wildlife. Teach them to observe the natural world around them, and to contribute to it in a non-invasive, kind, natural way.