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Carpentry Tool Kit

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Carpentry Tool Kit

Order Code: 21052

Carpentry Tool Kit
4x Small Stubby Claw Hammer 280g 21018
2x Screwdriver Flat Head 6 x 100mm 21019
2x Screwdriver Phillips Head #2 100mm 21002
4x Tape Measure 3m 21004
4x Stainless Steel Rule 150mm 21003
4x Short Soft Grip Hand Saw 370mm 21026
1x Flat Head Nails 50 x 2.8mm, 2kg Box, 740 Pack 21010
1x Chipboard Screws Countersunk Rib Head 8G x 30mm - 500 Pack 21011
4x Clear Lens Goggle 20182
1x Classic Tool Box 450mm 21025

These tools require a carer supervision

Contents may vary due to stock availability

Carpentry Tool Kit
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