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Flexihub Island Single Tray Unit - Birch

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Flexihub Island Single Tray Unit - Birch
Order Code: 11002

  • Designed with an open back to; increase light, airflow and provide dual access the Island Shelf series also aids visibility for teachers, assisting with classroom supervision.
  • Finely crafted from solid European Birch Ply. Finished with a durable environmental UV coating for premium protection.
5 Year WarrantyMade in Australia
Dimensions: 412mmH x 1130mmW x 512mmD

The Flexihub Atolls are a modular group of curved desking, storage and seating elements. Like the amazing biodiversity of Pacific Ocean atolls, the Flexihub Atolls are wonderful community area's that can be filled with resources but more importantly like the ring of a Pacific Atoll the Flexihub Atoll is an amazing place to explore a world of wonders together.

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