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Outdorable Starter Package

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Outdorable Starter Package
Pack Contains: 
1x 16019 Table Square 800x800x500mmH
4x 16023 Bench Seat 600Lx300mmH
1x 16021 Table Rectangle 1500x800x500mmH
2x 16025 Bench Seat 1200Lx300mmH
1x 16032 Single Water Table 450H
1x 16033 Double Water Table 600H
1x 16034 River Bed Table
2x 16001 Climber 860
1x 16002 Climber 600
1x 16003 Climber 300
1x 16008 Riverbank Climbing Wall
1x 16004 River Rocks Plank
1x 16005 Wobbly Log Plank
1x 16007 Ladder Plank
1x 16006 Smooth Plank
1x 16009 Overhead Branch
Order Code : 16504
The Starter package really gives you all the essentials you need for an average size outdoor play space for 3-5-year-olds. Complete BEAVERLODGE play structure set which includes all the challenge planks and also the overhead branch climber for upper body strength. A square table and a rectangle table setting with matching bench seats and the complete sand and water play set giving you 3 water tubs and the River Bed with hand pump.  

Built with our ultra-special weatherproof timber. Completely durable in all weather conditions and guaranteed to last outdoors for over 25 Years! It sounds too good to be true!? Learn more

Made from solid FSC sustainable timber that is 100% environmentally friendly and holds multiple ECO labels. At last, you can enjoy the beauty of natural wood furniture that lasts outdoors.

NOTE: for any planks and climbers used over 600mm High, they must be used only on sufficient soft fall (playground surfacing) that complies to AS/NZ 4422 for at least 1500mm from the structure at any given point. Learn more
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