The Akidamy School of Early Learning

The Akidamy School of Early Learning, Perth Australia

Nestled between Mt Lawley and Perth is a brand new early learning  school, The Akidamy. which promises an entirely different style of development and learning. The A-kid-a-me  stands for “The child in myself” and is the result of years of planning and dedication by its founder Michael Sebbag. When Michael first envisioned the School, he had only one furniture manufacture in mind, GroCare. Designing and building a first-class educational institution which would last the test of time, Michael understood that only with GroCare could he acquire ethically sourced, custom made, child-friendly items which would retain its quality for up to twenty years.  Here at GroCare we are committed to partnering with industry leaders who prioritise the educational needs of children, so naturally, we jumped at the chance to work with The Akidamy.

From the very beginning of the building process, we worked with The Akidamy’s architect to design furniture which would complement the free-flowing and integrated design of the School. Using virtual 3D technologies, we worked together to create a series of visual designs in order to tailor our products to the brand-new school of early learning. By creating these pre-emptive visual designs, we ensured there wouldn’t be any confusion or unfortunate surprises later in the construction process. 

Michael should be applauded for choosing the highest possible quality furnishings for The Akidamy. He, however, describes the decision as an easy one. “I have the utmost admiration for GroCare, it’s what my sons play with. How could I justify having it in my own home and not ensure that it was available for every child at The Akidamy. I know that when one of our children plays with the Grocare equipment, they are safe and secure. How can any educator put a price on that peace of mind?”

The Akidamy is a bespoke school for early learning  and education. It offers Italian classes, yoga and physical fitness classes, a music and art room and even a full-time chef. It was only natural that they would want only the best childcare equipment from Australia’s most respected supplier. Every piece of GroCare equipment comes from an ethical supplier and meets only the highest Australian standards. Don’t just take our word for it, go to The Akidamy and see it for yourself.